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The logo of our centenary

Sometimes numbers too have a meaning not necessarily related to arithmetic. In the logo of our centenary, the number “100” assumes and includes the most important communicative meaning. That is something like, not only wanting to go back a hundred years ago to remember the origins that begun at San Damiano, but to say, that from there, a blessed event composed of faces, stories, history, … Continue reading The logo of our centenary »

We thank you and implore you to bless us Your daughters, living and deceased, And inspire us to continue to carry forth This precious gift to the ends of the earth.

Centennial Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, In whom the world and history find their center. Who did in your wisdom gifted the world With the new vocation of lay consecration And did inspire your servants Armida Barelli and Agostino Gemelli To work tirelessly to bring forth this gift, In this year of the 100th anniversary Of the first professions at San Damiano, We thank … Continue reading Centennial Prayer »